Report on Australian and New Zealand Local Government reforms released

The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) has published a snapshot of current local government review and reform processes in Australia and in New Zealand that were active in late February and early March 2013.

The research report, Review of Current Local Government Reform Processes in Australia and New Zealand, was prepared by Gooding Davies Consultancy and is co-published by ACELG with the Local Government Association of South Australia. The project was initiated by the LGA SA’s South Australian Local Government Expert Review Panel.

The research builds upon earlier an ACELG paper, Unfinished Business, which examined the recommendations and outcomes of several earlier government inquiries into local government. Rather than examine a selection of the current inquiries in detail, however, the new report attempts to provide a brief overview of the 28 review and reform processes that were identified as being underway at the time of preparation nationally in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in all state and territory jurisdictions.

LG review paper coverFor further information please contact Alex Gooding (the report author: or Ms Melissa Gibbs, ACELG Assistant Director:

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