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Sydney Metro West: knowns, unknowns and some guesses – part 2

In part one I outlined what we do know about the NSW government’s Sydney Metro West announcement, which is comparatively little, and then (based on a few guesses) discussed station options for the four areas the government has committed to … Continue reading

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The Strategic Week (no. 11, Thursday 3 March 2016) – the week in governance, planning, infrastructure and transport

Top of the Week High Speed Rail 1: has the time come at last for an eastern seaboard HSR? There has been an renewal of interest in proposals for high speed rail (HSR) along the eastern seaboard of Australia, with … Continue reading

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Sydney Metro: where to, south (and north) of the Harbour?

Barangaroo and the Other Proposed Stations While the 2015 NSW budget released earlier this week has confirmed that an additional station will be built as part of the planned Sydney Metro at Barangaroo to service new commercial and residential development there, a … Continue reading

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CBD and South East Light Rail part 2: what is the cost of going wire-free?

After my recent post on the CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) the final $2.1 billion cost was revealed with the signing of the contract for the project in December last year. The half-billion dollar increase from the government’s … Continue reading

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Lots of carrots for fewer councils: NSW Government responds to the Local Government Review Panel Proposals

It’s been a long time coming but the State Government has finally announced its response to the Independent Local Government Review Panel’s findings and recommendations. The Panel’s report was completed in October 2013 but its release was delayed until January … Continue reading

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Report released on options to enhance regional collaboration amongst NSW councils

The NSW Independent Local Government Review Panel has just released Options to Enhance Regional Collaboration amongst Councils in NSW. This report was prepared independently for the Panel by Gooding Davies Consultancy and is available from the Panel’s website, along with … Continue reading

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Welcome to StrategicMatters – the “new” StrategyMatters!

Welcome to the launch of StrategicMatters, an updated version of the StrategyMatters blog linked to the Gooding Davies Consultancy website. A temporary change of hosting arrangements specifically for this blog while our main website undergoes a major update means that … Continue reading

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