Gooding Davies regional organisation study released

A major audit of regional organisation of councils (ROCs) in NSW and Western Australia prepared by Gooding Davies Consultancy has just been released.

The study was prepared for the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) and the Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (NSROC). It compares the structures, operations and activities of ROCs in both states as well as the implications for these organisations of the different local government reform processes currently underway in both jurisdictions.
It suggests some future directions and proposes recommendations for appropriate legal and business structures that would allow ROCs to operate more effectively.

As the ACELG website states: “The analysis is important for understanding the function of ROCs and their relationships between local councils and different levels of government. ROCs have a varied impact around Australia; some ROCs have led to major reforms including council consolidation, while in other circumstances they have enhanced their member councils’ capacity and performance.”

Foir an overview of the study visit the ACELG website or click here to download the study report directly.

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