Welcome to StrategyMatters

Welcome to StrategyMatters, one of two new blogs that will be appearing on the Gooding Davies website!

As the title says, strategy matters. This applies to strategic thinking within your organisation just as it does to “big picture” strategic planning affecting the wider community. Through this blog we hope to examine some key strategic issues at both these levels, based on current research and a general survey of what’s happening on the ground in relation to planning, advocacy, policy development and project and organisation management.

To achieve this we will be making extensive use of social media as well as “traditional” sources and it is the implications of social media and the new Web 2.0 services for NGOs, small organisations, councils and government agencies that will be the focus of our other blog, Sociamind. This blog will also highlight some of the key online and other tools that organisations can use to help manage themselves and their projects.

Highlights from both blogs will also be combined in the GDC Newsletter which we will be circulating to our clients and other interested parties, with links back to the website and blogs. And, if there’s anything you want to comment on, please respond!

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